Meet Katryce

The Mom

I’ve done it all. I was a teen mom, a single mom, a working mom, a stay at home mom, married mom, divorced mom, stepmom, remarried mom, and I’ve even dealt with my fair share of postpartum depression. Not saying I’ve been through it all but it sure as hell feels like it.

I’ve been a mom now for going on 14 years and have 3 boys- two that I birthed and one bonus baby. Between the two teenagers and the toddler, I’m not sure who’s more exhausting. But I love sharing my journey throughout motherhood (good, bad and ugly) with my following aka my momma tribe.

The Chef

I’ve known my entire life that I wanted to be a chef. True story- I would watch The Cooking Channel instead of cartoons when I was a kid. I’m OBSESSED with food. So, naturally, I went to culinary school to become a chef. And even though I learned a lot in school, I’ve learned the most and perfected my craft cooking right at home for my incredibly picky family. I love building layers and bringing contrasting flavors together to make dishes that are fun and the whole family loves!

The Crafter

Hot glue, acrylic paint, glitter- Oh my! Growing up, we didn’t have much money so my mom made everything. From our Halloween costumes to home décor- she did it all. And it was very important to her that we not only learned how to be crafty but also the value of making something from scratch.

The Builder

If you can think it, I can build it. As a young girl, my grandfather and father would make my cousins and I attend “wood shop” in his garage. We’d build chairs, wooden bear figurines, bird houses and so much more. I’ve taken those early developed skills and applied them to my adult life. I’ve built everything from a desk to a bay window seat to patio furniture!