Journey Through Autism – Step 5

We’re back! And today we’re talking about the specific supplements I use to remove dangerous toxins and metals from Ashton’s system! If you have not read Steps 1-4, please go back and read those first. Once again, I am not a doctor. Just a mom sharing her son’s journey and what I did to help him make such big strides in his development. Please consult with your child’s pediatrician before introducing these vitamins.

By now, if you’ve been following the steps I took with Ashton, you hopefully have received your child’s metal toxicity test results. If your child has a high level of metals in their system, this post is specifically for you. Now, if you’re like me, you panicked the moment you started reading the results. 1. The results can be a little confusing to understand 2. Once you do understand the results, it can be a little terrifying that your child has so much yucky stuff in their system. But don’t you worry. You got this. Just take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of wine and calm down. Everything will be ok.

Typically when you find a large amount of metals in someone’s body, chelation therapy is used to help with the issue. Chelation is a chemical process in which a substance is used to bind metals or minerals so they can be excreted from the body. In the book Fight Autism and Win, they use a more intense chelation therapy that many parents have seen success with. But that process takes a lot of patience, sleepless nights and biweekly treatments that need to be given every 3 hours for 72 hours. As a mom of three and a full time entrepreneur, I knew that was not a good fit for me or my family. So I had to find another way.

A member of the momma tribe introduced me to the company BioRay. After doing my research about the company, I knew they were a perfect match. Their BioRay Kids line supports “the removal of toxins while replenishing specific organ systems that help kids deal with the modern stressors we have today”. They focus on gently and safely removing unwanted metals from you child’s system while protecting the liver where all of the metals get flushed out. AND all their products are organic, alcohol free, non-GMO, non-dairy, soy-free and gluten free.

I am in no way affiliated with them so please understand that my love for their products is solely based on how much they have helped my baby boy. Best part is I literally just add the drops to his juice in the morning and at dinner.

Even though their main goal is to remove metals and toxins, BioRay Kids has 7 different products in the line- Calm, Tummy, Focus, Happy, Immune, Sleepy and Pooper that help tackle other effects of metal toxicity. Every child is different so you may not need all 7. For instance, Ashton only uses 3- Calm, Tummy, Focus. You’ll have to go their site and research all the different drops to figure out which are the best fit for your child. Since we only use three, I’ll tell you why we use those specific drops for Ashton and how they help outside of just removing toxins.

If you’d like to purchase the specific drops I use for Ashton, click here to visit my Amazon Shop.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

BioRay Kids Calm

Binds to and removes toxins, supports healthy moods, restores emotional balance, restful sleep and helps kids deal with stress (according to the site).

It’s very common that children with autism have a difficult time expressing their emotions in a typical fashion. This is where stimming comes in to play. The way Ashton stims is by flapping his arms. The more excited ashton is, the more he flaps. And sometimes that can be frustrating for him because he wants to tell us how he feels but he literally can’t contain his excitement.

Calm hasn’t made his stimming subside all together but it has reduced how often he stims. It has also helped his body to calm down enough that he can now use his words to express his feelings as well. If I forget to reorder and we run out, after a day of no Calm drops, the stimming becomes more frequent again.

BioRay Kids Belly

Binds to and removes toxins, supports gastrointestinal and immune function, and enhances speech (according to the site).

This is my favorite of their drops because it specifically focuses on the gut and is chocked full of probiotics. And as you’ll see, when we get around to talking about Ashton’s diet, good gut health is one of the most important factors in your body functioning properly.

Ashton is an extremely hyper child. He literally never sits still (even while he’s eating) and is always jumping around. And after a bit of research I realized that it is very common that hyper children have yeast overgrowths in their guts that can affect many many things including their mood and behavior.

The #1 sign that tells me that Ashton is having an issue with yeast overgrowth (other than him running around like a chicken with his head cut off) is Ashton will start licking his hands. That’s normally a sign that someone gave him something that was not a part of his diet and his body has turned it into yeast:( Once I see that, I double up on the drops. It fixes the problem in about 24 hours tops. And even though he’s still super active, he’s no where near the Tasmanian Devil level he was previously at.

This also contains vitamins that help improve speech and has absolutely helped Ashton in that department.

BioRay Kids Focus-

Binds to and removes toxins and has additional ingredients that sharpen the mind and promote steady, focused energy (according to the site).

Before taking these supplements, Ashton couldn’t sit through a TV  show without getting bored 2 minutes in. So sitting through a school lesson or puzzle wasn’t something he was capable of doing. These drops have not only helped Ashton’s concentration and focus, it’s also helped me get in a bit of free time here and there because I can give him an activity that he’ll actually sit and do it! Mom Win!

All of these drops should be introduced one by one. We waited two weeks before introducing each new drop to make sure he didn’t have any adverse reactions and we didn’t want to overload his system.

What to Expect

You also need to be very patient when looking for results. It took us about two months before we started seeing changes and three-four months for him to start talking but then all of the sudden the progress was mind blowing. Remember that the key here is that we want to gently and safely remove the toxins. And because flushing metals can be tough on the liver,  you want to make sure you don’t rush it.

If your child has very heavy metal levels, it may take longer than that. But the best thing I did was I continued reading to Ashton, playing with him, doing flashcards with him- even when he seemed to not pay attention. And once he did start to communicate, everything I thought he was ignoring came spewing out. It’s like his tiny brain was still absorbing all of that info I was giving him. He just didn’t know how to process and communicate it.

Be patient momma. You got this, Boo:)

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