Sear. Whip. Drizzle.: Bundle


Get Katryce’s top selling cookbook AND these cute oven mitts in this limited edition holiday bundle. This Natural Linen oven mitt set features a silver quilted heat resistant pad so you can protect your hands while impressing your family in the kitchen.

Based on tried and true recipes she learned as a professional chef and years of cooking for America’s harshest food critics (toddlers), in Sear. Whip. Drizzle, Katryce has perfected the art of crafting easy and delicious dishes that even your pickiest eater will love.

With over 50 recipes, from mouthwatering shrimp tacos to the best damn chili you will ever eat, Katryce shares the tips and stories that are the foundation of her life, love, and home because great food is the beginning of every good conversation. Pull out your pots, break out the wine and let’s get cooking!

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