Top 7 Hair Tools

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Let me start by saying that I am not a beauty influencer just a curly girl who is on a mission to get some bomb ass curls. So if you are a pro at curly hair, these tools may be a given. But for those of you who have struggled to find your best curly self- this one is for you, Boo. I’ve received a lot of questions regarding my hair routine and there are a lot of answers so I thought we’d start not with actual products but the tools I use to manage and maintain my hair every day. Don’t worry though. The product post is coming soon:) When I was younger, my curls were EVERYTHING! But then I discovered the magic that is a Dominican blowout and completely sacrificed my perfectly coiled tresses to the blow-dryerL After years and years of heat damage, I finally decided toss out the flat iron and focus on developing and nurturing my curls again. It’s been 6 months since my last blow dry and I am FINALLY starting to see results. I tried so many different products and after a while, I saw very promising results. But what I quickly learned was that the products aren’t the only contributing factor to good hair. The tools you use to manage and maintain those curls are just as important. Below is the list of tools I use almost every day and my hair has fallen in love with them.

1. Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

This is probably the best purchase I’ve made all year. I HATE washing my hair not only because I’m lazy as hell but mainly because I never felt like I could truly get it clean as clean as when I get my hair washed at the salon. As a curly girl, you use loads of products on a weekly basis so the product buildup can be so real! The soft, silicone bristles on this handy, little tool gently scrubs my hair clean while giving me a mini massage at the same time. I don’t have to worry about my arms hurting or wasting shampoo because I no longer have to do multiple washings in one sitting. This is my favorite product on this list HANDS DOWN!

2. Denman 9-Row Styling Brush

Even product distribution is a MUST when it comes to defined curls. This brush helps so much with that. After applying product to you hair, use this brush to comb through and coat your strands evenly. PS. I only use this brush for product distribution and my hair has to be super wet. I do not recommend this brush for use on dry hair or to detangle.

3.Wet Brush

This is what I use to detangle my hair. This brush is a God send for curly girls because it doesn’t rip your hair to detangle, it easily glides through and eases through the tangles. I use this particular brush after I apply my conditioner or deep conditioner to help with the tangles. It is also gentle enough for my toddlers fine hair so that’s definitely a mom win!

4.Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel

One big no-no I was making on a consistent basis was using a regular towel to dry my hair. Not only do they increase frizz and pull at your tresses, they also dry your hair out. And the first rule of beautiful curls- moisturized hair. This towel does not tug or pull hair and only removes excess water not all moisture. I saw a HUGE difference in my curl pattern and frizz reduction after I started drying my hair with this bad boy.

5. Xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser

Although I try to stay away from the blow-dryer as often as possible, there are times when I’m on a time crunch and can’t wait for my hair to air dry. This is my go-to diffuser because it dries my hair so quickly without sacrificing definition and also helps to manage frizz. It’s also HUGE so it’s perfect for curly girls with A LOT of hair. I normally start with cool air and give it a quick once-over and then alternate between warm and cool. I only dry until my hair is about 75% of the way dry and then let the rest air dry. Side note- The Black Orchid Diffuser is not a universal fit for all hair dryers. It has a 1.8 inch diameter / 6 Inch Circumference and will securely attach to any hair dryer with the same diameter. I made that mistake and ended up having to literally duct tape my diffuser to my blow-dryer- it was a mess. BUT the diffuser still worked like a damn charm lol.oy.

6. Satin Bonnet

I never in my life slept with a satin bonnet on until about 2 months ago and now I can’t sleep without it! I noticed such a huge difference in my next day hair routine. It was quicker and still looked almost as good as it did the day before. This bonnet is so big which is awesome when you have a lot of hair. I just flip my head over, slip the bonnet on and stuff my curls inside. The satin protects your ends from splitting and protects the natural oils in your hair as pillow cases and bed sheets tend to absorb them all. Protect the curls ya’ll!

7. Fancy Shower Cap for Deep Conditioning

I deep condition my hair every Sunday and leave it in overnight. At around 4pm I wash my hair, put in the deep conditioner and walk around all day in an ugly ass shower cap that I’ve had for YEARS! I then proceed to the grocery store where I almost always bump into my neighbors who just look at me in shock. I just found this super cute shower on Amazon and ordered it today because I can’t let the people in my neighborhood seeing me look so bootleg every Sunday lol. Even if you don’t get this one, it’s important to use a shower cap to seal in the deep conditioner to make sure it locks in the moisture. This one was so damn cute, I had to share:)

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